Dhruv Defence Motivation Center (DDMC) has taken a step towards making a strong, confident and fearless young generation for which we need to trainevery student on various Defence techniques and give them training on Disaster Management. We have designed a syllabus with the Guidance of Col and Ex Force personnel’s for the standard 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Standard kids of any school immaterial of any board studies. We work on weekends for 4 hrs on Saturday or Sunday. Through our training we instil qualities like discipline, self-confidence, courage, self-reliance and leadership, while inducing stamina and strength in them. It is a very competitive world in which kids are becoming either book worms or getting lost in this electronic world. We train the Cadets so as to make them physically & mentally fit along with the academic growth. We train the aspirants for Indian Air Force, Merchant navy, Civil Aviation and all other defence and civil competitive entrance exams.




To make a student capable of Self Defence. To develop a sportsmanship in students. To increase Stamina and physical fitness To build Confidence, Courage, Leadership, Liveliness. To prepare the cadet to work for the nation and society. Technical Training and Guidence will be provided with Individual attention and special lady instructor For Girls.


Our Mission is "Creating Tomorrow’s Responsible Citizens."DDMC aims to shape the youth & make them capable of facing the challenges of the world. Physical & Mental fitness plays very important role in our lives. A physically and mentally fit person is less prone to medical conditions as well. We aim and train the cadet to participate and perform well in games like athletics, gymnastics, aquatics, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, shooting, table tennis, lawn tennis badminton etc. Which help to develop the overall personality of the cadet. It’s nations youth who shape its destiny and DDMC helps in doing the same.